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The holistic dog is a page for canine owners & lovers that are looking for an alternative approach and therapies when it comes to your pet's health and well-being. This page also provides excellent educational content and resources to empower yourself with knowledge and take action regarding your pet's health and well-being. 

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My Story

As a fully trained Bio-resonance practitioner, I have the incredible privilege to work with dogs and assist them in their health journey. Bio-resonance therapy is a wonderful tool in that it is non-invasive, and the animals really take positively to it. The therapy uses electromagnetic frequency/resonance upon the body via a resonance or biofeedback device. It is similar to the process of what an MRI machine does, using magnetic resonance to create an image. But the difference here is we don't get an image but a scope into certain frequencies that either resonate/support the system or cause dissonance/don't support the system. This is how it is able to test against the animal certain frequencies in the forms of heavy metals, viruses etc., to see if there are any possible strains on the system. But it doesn't stop there. I also have a fully trained Integrative vet on my list of contacts and many other great people I have collaborated with over my four-plus years working in this field so that you don't have to run around and waste time trying to figure it all out by yourself. Knowledge is power! Therefore, I continue to educate myself to continue to educate others.  

Dogs are my inspiration and drive me further on the quest to understand and learn more about our furry friends so that I can give back what they selflessly give us. So here's to you and your fur friend, wishing them all a happy and healthy life.

Warm regards


The Holistic (1).png


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